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29 times it was mentioned that the Central Economic Work Conference raised the

UpdateTime:2019-12-25Source: Shandong Fu Animal Husbandry Technology Co., LTD
29 times it was mentioned that the Central Economic Work Conference raised the price of pigs for the first time        

     At the just-convened Central Economic Work Conference, the word "stability" was used for 29 times in a row, charting the way forward for next year's economic work. Among the 29 measures, there are weighty policies to stabilize the leverage ratio and the real estate market, as well as policies to stabilize pig prices. And in successive central economic work conference, or the first mention of pig prices.
  In the context of promoting high-quality development, the meeting called for strengthening agricultural production to ensure supply, speeding up agricultural supply-side structural reform, and boosting farmers' income and rural revitalization. We should speed up the resumption of pig production to ensure stable supply and prices. "In November, the CPI reached 4.5%, excluding pork less than 2%, indicating that the rise in pork prices has become an important burden on residents' living costs. From the perspective of people's livelihood, it is of great significance to stabilize pig prices. In addition, the core of pig prices is the problem of pig production, it is a supply side problem, not an overheated demand or monetary policy problem, so only by accelerating pig production can the problem be solved." Economist Deng Haiqing told the Huaxia Times.
  It is understood that at the same time as the meeting was held, on December 12, the Chinese merchants Reserve Commodity Management Center began to implement the central reserve of frozen pork into the work, a total of 40,000 tons of frozen pork out of the warehouse. At the same time, the transaction requires enterprises not to take the opportunity to hoard, to purchase frozen pork through an effective way to timely increase the market supply, within one month after the transaction, the purchase of meat reserves to sell to end users. And this also ensured the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival "two festivals" supply.
  Stabilize pig prices for the first time
  In fact, outside the meeting, the central high-level meeting has repeatedly mentioned "stabilizing pig prices."
  At a premier forum in November, Premier Li Keqiang pledged to continue to step up efforts to boost pig production. We will increase investment support from the central government budget, support the construction of large-scale pig farms and breeding pig farms, expand the scope of projects to turn livestock and poultry waste into resources, and support the construction of projects to improve the ability of animals and plants to protect. Through such support, we will ensure the stable production and supply of pigs.
  At the same time, we will increase the supply of meat through multiple channels, increase the production and supply of beef, mutton, poultry and eggs, and expand the import of pork, beef, mutton and other substitutes through multiple channels to ensure that the overall meat protein market is basically sufficient. It is worth noting that relevant departments will also continue to properly implement the frozen pork reserve release.
  On November 30, Hu Chunhua, Vice Premier of the State Council, made it clear at the National Animal husbandry work conference that we should fully understand the extreme importance of pig production, deeply learn from the decline of pig production, catch pig production just like grain production, fully implement all policies and measures, and resolutely accomplish the target of resuming production.
  In November, CPI rose to 4.5 per cent, the highest in nearly eight years and beating consensus forecasts. Among them, the wholesale price of pork year-on-year rise is still one of the main factors driving up THE CPI. Pork prices rose 110.2 percent in November, affecting about 2.64 percentage points of CPI inflation, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.
  To curb meat prices, the central government has released frozen pork reserves four times since September. Among them, on December 12 this put, lead three times total. Prior to this, the China Merchants Reserve Commodity Management Center released the central reserve frozen pork three times, totaling 30,000 tons, to increase the stability of pork supply on the market.
  The personage inside course of study looks, put on the market on December 12, basically be in order to assure the market of two section supplies. Due to the early Spring Festival in 2020, only more than 20 days away from the New Year's Day, it will be launched at this time, leaving room for further adjustment in the future.
  Not only that, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China announced on September 9 that with the implementation of a series of national and local policies and measures to resume pig production, pig production has turned a positive turn recently, with both the stock of pigs and the stock of fertile sows bottomed out and rising, and the price of pigs also fell and stabilized. The pork supply situation during the New Year holiday may be better than expected.
  "The central and local policies to restore pig production have begun to show effects. Driven by the market, pig farmers have more confidence in replenishing their stalls, and the national pig production has bottomed out." Yang Zhenhai, director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs' animal husbandry and Veterinary bureau, said.
  Pay more attention to people's livelihood
  Under the full adjustment, the price of pigs began to fall gradually.
  According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, pork prices nationwide fell for a fourth consecutive week to 41.48 yuan per kilogram on Dec. 1, down 10.92 yuan, or 20.84 percent, from a peak of 52.40 yuan on Nov. 1. Monitoring data released by the ministry of commerce also showed that the wholesale price of pork in the last week of November (November 25 solstice December 1) was 42.35 yuan per kg, down 3% month-on-month, marking a four-week decline.
  Meanwhile, China's imports of pork rose 43.6 percent in the first three quarters, ensuring the basic supply of pork is no problem.
  NongCunBu however, agriculture animal husbandry and veterinary secondary inspector XinGuoChang pointed out that due to the pig without tax, finance and corresponded, covers an area of, also responsible for epidemic prevention, environmental protection responsibility, the local government's enthusiasm is not high, many places have pigs county, township, and take this as a record, it is a wrong direction. The pig industry can realize green development, which is of great significance to industrial poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.
  The State Council's opinions on Stabilizing Pig Production and Promoting Transformation and Upgrading also requires all localities to turn the crisis into an opportunity for transformation and upgrading, so as to lay a good foundation for the healthy development of the industry in the future.
  In fact, "poverty alleviation" has become the first of three key battles in the conference. The meeting called for ensuring that the task of poverty alleviation is fully completed as scheduled, concentrating troops to fight the war against deep poverty, giving preferential policies and funding to the "three regions, three states" and other areas with deep poverty, implementing poverty alleviation measures such as industrial poverty alleviation and relocation of people from inland-locked areas, strictly eliminating the poor, and consolidating the achievements made in poverty alleviation. Mechanisms should be established to monitor and assist the newly impoverished population and those who have returned to poverty.
  In addition, the meeting called for ensuring the effective protection and improvement of people's livelihood, especially the basic living conditions of people in difficulty. We need to give full play to the role of the government in ensuring basic necessities, ensure that they are universally accessible, basic, and affordable, and ensure that people in need have access to basic necessities at critical times.
  "Taking a long-term view, the fluctuation of meat prices also reminds us to further improve the prevention and control system of animal diseases, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry, and enhance the anti-risk capability of breeding enterprises." An unnamed industry source said.



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